Care Tips for Your Roving Merino Wool Blanket

Although soft, billowing and beautiful, roving Merino wool can require a lot of care, especially if you decided to use your blanket daily. We’ve got you covered though! Here are a few tips to help keep your Comfy Sorts blanket beautiful.

Once you receive your blanket, carefully remove it from the storage bag. It was packaged pretty tightly so if at all possible, open it up and lay it flat for 30-60 minutes. It is possible that you may need to re-shape the blanket upon receiving it. No worries, while it is laying flat, carefully manipulate the yarn to re-shape (if needed).

You may notice small pieces of debris throughout the yarn. Sometimes small pieces of the land get into the sheeps wool and it gets missed in the roving process. I personally think it adds character to the blanket but if you want to remove it, CAREFULLY use your fingers.

Never pull or yank at the yarn on the blanket. Roving Merino wool is very delicate and can tear away very easily.

Merino wool is prone to shedding and pilling over time. To remove the pills, carefully cut them away.

It is possible to machine wash your blanket, but we recommend that you dry clean only. If not washed properly, the wool can become hardened and the fibers will mat together. This is called felting. The blanket will naturally felt over time.

Do you have any care tips for roving Merino wool? Let us know below!


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